Financial Suicide

Suicide Six turns out to be a quaint New England family ski hill with two antiquated two man chairs and a small drag lift serving 200m of vertical skiing but lift tickets are a staggering $48/day during the current "holiday" season. Compare that with EUR40/day for the entire Three Valleys!

27 December 2003 Financial Suicide


Its been raining the last couple of days here in Vermont but today the snow started to fall and we built a kicker in the garden - great fun. Planning to kick off the season properly tomorrow at Suicide Six.

25 December 2003 Gardening

Glencoe to open weekends

The future of Glencoe is looking brighter according to the following press release.

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16 December 2003 Glencoe to open weekends

Movie review: Saturation (***)

What I find a disappointing with Absinthe Films Saturation, and all snowboard movies, is the simplistic MTV style formulaic presentation showing off each rider in turn 'performing' to a soundtrack.

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Well done Lesley

Meant to post this last week but belated congrats none the less to Lesley McKenna on a great start to her halfpipe season. Following on from her Superstars success she is doing a great job of promoting snowboarding in the UK.

10 December 2003 Well done Lesley

Build a kicker?

When I suggested to my sister that we build a kicker in the garden she thought there might be too much snow for playing football so, for her, and any others, this is what I meant.

10 December 2003 Build a kicker?

White Christmas

Early snow in VTThis picture was taken yestreday. It is where I am headed for Christmas and it made me smile when I saw it in my inbox.

At nearby Killington conditions look great and they have this to say on their web site.

**WINTER STORM UPDATE** A major winter storm has brought 3 feet of new natural snow in the past 36 hours and heavy snow continues here on Sunday. With this past week's storm totals now at over 4 FEET of natural snow, we humbly suggest you visit. Soon.

Meanwhile the good early snow in France seems to be melting in unseasonally high temperatures, it must be bad if they have not got enough snow in Val d'Isere.

8 December 2003 White Christmas


Hmm, wonder if this is worth a go?

8 December 2003 Perma-Snow | Comments (1)

Global warming woes

Lots of talk today about the impact of global warming on low altitude ski resorts following a report at the World Conference on Sport and the Environment, currently meeting in Turin.

The suggestion is that many European resorts will be adversely affected including Kitzbuehl which is at an altitude of only 760 metres. Of course, if the Gulf Stream stops, we won't need to go abroad and maybe Glencoe will be back in business.

3 December 2003 Global warming woes
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