Massive avalanche caught on camera

Elk Point Northeast Chute avalancheBruce Tremper, director of the US Forest Service Utah Avalanche Centre, just happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture this huge natural avalanche. Scary.


Not many snowflakes around just now, so have some Friday afternoon fun and make your own!

10 December 2004 Make-a-Flake

Swiss web cam map

Here is a neat map showing Swiss web cams via Dave Hayes, another snowboard blogger.

It is not as comprehensive as my favourite web cam site, Snoweye, but it is a good graphical representation, at least for Switzerland.

7 December 2004 Swiss web cam map | Comments (1)

White Christmas

Early snow in VTThis picture was taken yestreday. It is where I am headed for Christmas and it made me smile when I saw it in my inbox.

At nearby Killington conditions look great and they have this to say on their web site.

**WINTER STORM UPDATE** A major winter storm has brought 3 feet of new natural snow in the past 36 hours and heavy snow continues here on Sunday. With this past week's storm totals now at over 4 FEET of natural snow, we humbly suggest you visit. Soon.

Meanwhile the good early snow in France seems to be melting in unseasonally high temperatures, it must be bad if they have not got enough snow in Val d'Isere.

8 December 2003 White Christmas

Global warming woes

Lots of talk today about the impact of global warming on low altitude ski resorts following a report at the World Conference on Sport and the Environment, currently meeting in Turin.

The suggestion is that many European resorts will be adversely affected including Kitzbuehl which is at an altitude of only 760 metres. Of course, if the Gulf Stream stops, we won't need to go abroad and maybe Glencoe will be back in business.

3 December 2003 Global warming woes

US Season underway

Looks like things are getting off to a good start in the Rockies.

20 November 2003 US Season underway

French weather in English

Just noticed that Météo France now has an English language version of the site.

15 October 2003 French weather in English

Ill effects of the heatwave

Mont Blanc is closed. Whether this is really down to global warming or just a one off hot summer this is worrying indeed.

Glaciologists estimate it will take 30-40 metres of snow, which would normally take several harsh winters to fall, to make good the deficit of snow and ice that has melted this summer.
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