White elephant?

The BBC reports on plans for a massive indoor winter sports centre in Suffolk, to be sited in a disused quarry.

I hate to seem cynical as I would love to see it happen but it seems like we have been here before. Anyone remember the ambitious plans for a National Winter Sports Centre at Shoreham in a disused quarry on the South Downs?

24 September 2004 White elephant?

Snowspots wiki

I thought it was time to start letting people know about a new experimental web project I have been contemplating for a while: Snowspots is a wiki web site about great spots to ride (or ski if you must).

A wiki, for anyone still unfamiliar with the concept, is a web site that anyone can edit. The most famous example is Wikipedia a collaborative encyclopaedia which itself has a comprehensive explanation of the wiki concept.

The aim of Snowspots is to offer a collaboratively edited database of ski runs. To contribute simply add some details of your favourite runs!

Update: Well I did say it was an experiment and I am afraid to say that after a year or so even I had not got around to adding much content so I have given up on the idea. 16-Sep-05.

22 September 2004 Snowspots wiki | Comments (1)

French resort opening dates

Someone has done a nice job of listing the season open and close dates for many French resorts over at snowHeads.

8 September 2004 French resort opening dates

Victoria Jealouse interview

Powder magazine has a good interview with Victoria Jealouse in which she talks about her approach to big mountain riding.

8 September 2004 Victoria Jealouse interview
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