Backcountry equipment

This useful article from PisteHors summarises the possible equipment choices for accessing the backcountry including snow shoes, approach skis and split boards.

23 January 2004 Backcountry equipment

School holidays

Great chart here from the Les Arcs site showing all the school holiday periods. They are hard to avoid!

19 January 2004 School holidays

Hi-tech kit, low tech needs

MP3 playing jackets and headphone hats are all very well but would someone please just stick a cheap digital clock on a glove.


During my Christmas break in Vermont I managed to squeeze in a couple of days riding at Killington so I thought I would post some thoughts on the place.

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12 January 2004 Killington | Comments (3)

Be careful driving in France

Tough new measures on speeding from the French police apparently.

Its never too late to learn

Dave Mossman writes in The Telegraph about taking up snowboarding at 40 plus as though it were a near impossibility. In fact, his learning experience sounds very similar to many others, both older and younger, and demonstrates that attitude rather than age is the only barrier to learning to ride.

Snowboard tuning - an illustrated "how to"

Iron the wax into the baseTo maintain a board in optimum riding condition one should ideally apply hot wax to the base and sharpen the edges after every three days or so of riding with a full base grind maybe every ten to fifteen days.

Although a base grind will necessitate checking the board in to a service centre, waxing and edging can easily be done at home or, preferably, as a therapeutic aprés ski activity in the basement of a cosy holiday chalet. That is just what I did the other day and I took some pictures to serve as an illustrated "how to".

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