Val Thorens statistics

A friend just returned from 'Val Tho' and mailed me a couple of interesting data nuggets about the trip.

The descent from the top of the Col lift to the bottom of the Plan de l'Eau lift is 1314 m of vertical. The pistes - a red, blue, green, blue, red combination - cover 7,200 m. It took 10 minutes and 550 turns. Each turn, on average, covered 13 m and lost 2.4 m in height. A skier friend tucked the whole lot and did the run in 6 minutes.

The cost of driving from Calais to Val Thorens [and back I presume] was 195 for petrol [2.5 litre estate car] plus 85 in tolls, ie a total of 280.

I love the fact that he counted the turns - great stats - I will need a Suunto to beat that for detail!

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