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Well I got my copy of The Snowboard Journal and it is very good.

It is, as I hoped, quite unlike other snowboard magazines. It is beautifully produced on thick quality paper with hardly any ads and is full of exquisitely printed photos that are not just 'rad', but beautiful to look at and well contextualised with narrative.

The Wicklund Project is the intriguing tale of how a Burton exec got hold of 1930's film footage of members of the Wicklund family riding rudimentary snowboard sledges in Chicago and, get this, linking turns! The film footage, together with some of the boards, are in Burton's archive - a shame the footage is not available on the history part of their web site.

Meteorite is the story of an epic heli trip in Alaska and reads like an armchair adventure. More please.

The Snowboard Journal is well worth the price, I just hope they can maintain the quality.

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