First turns

Well, I finally got my first turns of the season at La Bresse last weekend. It was my first time riding since breaking my ankle last year and I was a little apprehensive. To start with I was very aware that I did not have full strength in the joint and I was nervous committing to toe side carved turns in particular but by the Sunday afternoon it felt almost back to normal. Very encouraging.

As before we drove to La Bresse on Friday night, arriving at about 2 am and drove back on Sunday afternoon getting home, to London, a few minutes after midnight. Despite spending longer in the car than on the slopes, it was well worth it and four drivers made light work of the 1500km round trip.

We had been a bit dismayed last Thursday as the web cam was showing white and brown in equal proportion (looking much better for this weekend btw) but in the event there was enough snow to keep almost half the resort open and we enjoyed riding under clear blue skies with temperatures a degree or two below freezing keeping the remaining snow in good condition.

One revelation this time around was the ski d'aurore, or dawn skiing, which operates from 6 am at weekends. Not all of us were able for the early start on Sunday and we regretted our late night when we heard the report of fresh, flood lit corduroy over breakfast. Practically speaking, it makes great sense to use the extra few hours this affords as we had to leave at about 3 pm to get home at a reasonable hour. Next time!

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